Agrochemical treatment

"Aksunkar airlines" has a great experience in the conducting of aviation agricultural works. We have treated over 1 million ha. since 2007. Today we perform all types of aviation chemical works on treating of agricultural crop plantings:
  • Spraying of liquid complex fertilizers
  • Pest control, insecticide spraying
  • Weed control, herbicide spraying
  • Plant protection from diseases, fungicide application
  • Desiccation, defoliation of plants
Our main advantages:

Time Saving

Aerotechnics are more productive than ground ones, it allows to spray chemicals much faster. Such speed is a privilege, when it comes to combating pests and diseases of crops.

High quality

The fields are processed much better from the air: the sprayed substance gets on leaves of plants not only from top but from bottom also due to the aerodynamic stream.

Careful attitude

Aviation chemical work is a sparing measure, it doesn't damage the stems and roots of plants. In comparison with ground equipment, the aircraft does not reserve a technological track, which usually reduces yields by 5-6%.

Maximum precision

Thanks to the latest generation GPS systems we achieve the most accurate fields treatment from the air.

Economy of chemicals

Because of the effective spraying the volume of sprayed substances is greatly reduced, it gives significant economy.

No Restrictions

Aerial chemical works can be done with any soil humidity, it also can be done even in early spring, on late period of crop growing.

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